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Why You Should Stopped "Googling" and start "Binging".


In my last article, I explained how Google’s monopoly on information is near hegemonic. This means that the average young people now believes Google more than the Bible! How can the Church and its leaders remain silent on such an issue? If you’re concerned about search neutrality, privacy, propaganda and censorship, I suggested in my latest video on YouTube, it may be time to find alternatives to Google.

Whether you agree with China or not, there is a reason why they ban Google+, Google News, Gmail, Blogger, Blogspot, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and nearly all porn from their citizens. The potential for mind control and moral corruption is enormous. China decided to let its native platforms develop without Western influence and they are succeeding in capturing traffic on platforms such as baidu.com, QQ.com, Taoboa.com, Alipay.com, and Youku.com. But China has its own restrictions and limited tolerance for freedom.

In an effort to wean off of Google and other information monopolies, let us start with the most obvious, the number 1 website and search engine in the world: Google.com.

7 Top Reasons Why I Switched from Google to Bing:

1. I don’t trust Google’s “suggestions” any more.

Here is an example of a test search of the words “how can you vote”. Pay attention to Google’s first suggestion.

Google’s top suggestion is intended to mind mould you and guide your behavior to follow what Google’s elites want you to do: “how can you vote illegally”! REALLY, Google? This is proof of extreme leftist bias!

The next two suggestions are, “How can you vote for miss universe” and “how can you vote for the grammys.” Compare these results to alternative browsers Bing and DuckDuckGo. First, Bing:

Bing’s first suggestion shows something I have never seen before, which is a conservative bias: “how to vote liberal WA”. In Western Australia (WA), the “Liberal Party” are the conservatives, although our conservative is not nearly as conservative as American Republicans or Libertarians.

The next two suggestions by Bing are neutral: “how to vote in western australia” and “how to vote”. The fourth suggestion is surprisingly conservative again: “how to vote one nation wa”. In Australia, One Nation led by Pauline Hanson is the nationalist, pro-Australian, anti-Islamic invasion party. Never would Google give such suggestions.

DuckDuckGo promises to show the same search results to everybody. Here’s their result on “how to vote”:

I went further in my search to see if any alternative search engine would encourage illegal voting, a tactic of the socialist / globalist left.

After typing “how to vote ille”, I found Bing refused to give me the suggestion: “how to vote illegally.” Instead, Bing suggested: “how to vote lilley,” “how to vote election 2016,” “how to vote election,” “how to vote electronically in use”.

Doing the same search in DuckDuckGo, I found DuckDuckGo will suggest the searcher to do something illegal upon typing: “how to vote il”.

5 DuckDuckGo Vote
DuckDuckGo suggests: “how to vote illinois” first, then “how to vote illegally” second. For this reason, my preference is to use Bing.

Google is the worst of all, even suggesting where to vote illegally: in the left-wing state of California! For truthers with eyes opened, Google’s agenda / propaganda is hardly subtle.

2. I don’t like being data mined.

Google is constantly data mining your personal information, tracking and targeting you with ads. If surveillance wasn’t taken for granted, Google would be the creepy guy you take to court for stalking you! For me it has reached the point of seriously invasive.

3. I get better search results on Bing.

Over time, Google searches have become less relevant and demand that I “drill down” to get pass what Google wants me to see and get to what I really want.

There are 2 things I constantly search for are: videos and images. When I search for videos on Google, too often I get “suggestions” of videos which are not what I want, such re-posts by third parties or trolls. I feel like walking through an Internet swamp that needs to be drained.

Search a video title you’re looking for on Bing and Bing will more likely point to the source, the original creators’ channel, even when you don’t type the word “youtube” or “vimeo” or “video”. Although YouTube is owned by Google and is a “competitor”, Bing search results will display YouTube first if that’s most relevant, so I find it to be more honest than Google.

4. I get faster search results on Bing.

On a daily basis I search for news and images, and find Google results “control the story” and offer me images with watermarks or images to buy. My team and I already buy images from our paid subscription with another service. We don’t need Google to keep distracting our research with ads ad nauseam. PC World Senior Editor, who goes by the name of Mark Hackman, did a testing of different search engines and reported:

“Bing was first to implement the ‘infinite scroll’ in Bing Images, where users could simply scroll and scroll and never reach the ‘end’ of their search results. Today, Bing’s image search adds an extra layer of search filters that Google users must drill down to find, including options to show only pictures with faces, for example, or display images in a particular layout. And if you need to find a licensed photo to illustrate a newsletter, Bing makes that information more easily accessible than Google does.”[1]

5. I want to find other sites besides Google-approved, Google-owned websites.

Understandably Google plugs its own brands like YouTube and Blogspot, but even when another video streaming platform or blog domain is more popular and more relevant?

Come on. I’ve tested this by searching videos posted on non-Google-operated websites and disappointingly Google won’t display those websites at all. Bing does a better job at finding relevant websites from across the entire Internet, not merely Google-approved sites.

6. I would like a human to give me customer service.

Google’s customer service is one of the worst by IT industry standards. You might not know it until you’re a content creator for Google, like I am on YouTube. Google cannot generate ad revenues without high quality content producers like myself working very hard, therefore they should pay attention to our feedback.

But they don’t. I admit it is a love-hate relationship. On the one hand, Google gives creators like me a worldwide platform on YouTube. On the other hand, their service stinks. Either they are understaffed or have grown so rich that they simply don’t care about the little guy.

YouTube Silver Aware to Discover Ministries

Here is a plaque Google’s YouTube sent me for exceeding 100,000 subscribers on our ministry’s YouTube Channel. Despite the recognition, my team and I can barely get a human response from YouTube. When they de-monetize us (as a common form of censoring), we have asked for their official policy so we can stay within their guidelines, but they offer us none.

The entire process of Google, including their search algorithm, has been kept mysterious to the best IT experts and their most loyal customers. I’ve inquired internal Google employees whether they understand their company’s customer process and they tell me it is a mystery.

One of the goals of our Christian ministry (Discover Ministries) is to redeem technology for the glory of God, therefore we interact with many IT professionals from various companies, and none have been as slow and as unresponsive as Google’s.

7. Siri, Apple’s voice assistant, uses Bing by default to search the Internet when you ask her questions.

Good enough for me!

Those are my 7 reasons why I am leaving Google’s search engine for Bing. You should stop “googling” and start “Binging”.

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[1] http://www.pcworld.com/article/2685215/the-4-reasons-i-switched-from-google-to-bing.html Accessed 26 Apr 2017.

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  1. I think a good alternative to social media and safe messaging is Telegram. This open source app uses end-to-end encryption and has no file size limit. Through Channels on Telegram you can broadcast your messages to large audiences with an unlimited number of members, they can be public with a permanent URL and each post in a channel has its own view counter.


    A safer email than Gmail and Yahoo is Protonmail.

  2. I left google the night of the inauguration… as I was even looking for pictures of our newly elected president and all that came up that night was maybe two or three of the newly elected president and tons of the previous president, and the running mate. Since then I see they’ve changed it, but for a major event for the newly elected president I was disappointed that google would do that or would delay those images that long when it was obvious that pictures were already out (I already don’t do tv or mainstream media, I cut that out a long time ago) However to push the knife in further, I was trying one night to get a handle on what the newly elected president was up to in the office and what everyone was complaining about and when I tried several times to get information straight from the white house’s website directly (I knew he’s been posting constant updates as well) google kept burying the search and pushing the mainstream media cites and articles with their complaints about what’s going on at the top. I was always told that if I am going to learn what someone is doing you should always go straight to the source first before reading someone’s opinion, but I was having troubles getting even that in my purposeful search. 😉 However, I have not been thrilled with the way bing is working either due to it’s ties to Microsoft. (don’t get me wrong I have nothing against it, but I do take issue to the constant suggestions that I need to only use their products, which can put me back in the same issue with letting Microsoft monopolize my computer, as well as watch my moves) so I’ve come to the conclusion that not only will I avoid google most times, it’s also probably better to diversify what I use rather than being attached all to one mainstream company or outlet, and always check sources looking for originals and first hand information, and publication companies as well as double and triple checking sources, and of course holding it against scripture, which is actually what I’ve been teaching my students as well when they are writing reports for me…


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