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19 January 2018
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I'm a YouTube Creator with 180,000 subscribers, creating Christian content for Discover Church, YouTube, Newswars, Cioccolanti.org and other outlets. I've authored 4 books, many blog articles, and hundreds of DVDs available at http://www.discover.org.au/bookshop. People know me as an end-time prophetic teacher, especially as one of the few Christian leaders who predicted Donald Trump to be the Republican nominee and then US President, but I cover a broad range of topics from the Bible, including life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. You can see my other accurate predictions here: http://stevecioccolanti.blogspot.com I was born in Thailand to a family of Buddhists, Catholics, Methodists, and Muslims, which gives me a unique perspective on people and religion. Educated in Thailand, Australia, America, France, Canada and UK, I offer a unique perspective on East-West civilizations and find it easy to cross cultures. I love traveling, having been to over 40 countries, mostly as a public speaker. Your church may consider me as a guest speaker. My home church, where I pastor, is Discover Church in Australia. I'm a happily married husband, father of two, a friend of Jesus and friend of sinners.

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