Avengers Infinity War’s Globalist Agenda | Christian Movie Review by Steve Cioccolanti

Contrarian Review: The Worst Ending Ever!

SPOILER: The worst ending ever!

What makes one movie review better than another? A good movie review should not only tell us what everybody knows, but also tell us where a movie is taking us to, both culturally and commercially (in a sequel). If my movie review is well-founded, I may have cracked the plot of Avengers #4 before it is revealed. Read on to find out. Let’s begin with what we can agree on.

Rarely does a movie get above 9 on IMDb, and the accolades are pouring in for the new Marvel Comics superhero film, currently rated 9.2. I am compelled to buck the trend and give you an honest movie review on why “Avengers Infinity War” does not deserve a 10, or a 9, not even close. I rated it a 5. Five means it’s borderline. I’m OK that I watched it, but I would never see it again or take my family to see it.

I ask myself, “What is the purpose of spending my time & money on a movie?” I would like to walk out with a good feeling, a thoughtful lesson, or a moral. One of these things makes a movie worth watching. Avengers Infinity War offers none of them. SPOILER ALERT:

Avengers Infinity War

Evil wins in the end. The trend to dark is complete. It offers no light, no hope, no positive resolution. I’m aware that Marvel and Disney are setting movie-goers up to flock to Avengers #4. But there is more than commercial interest at play, there is something insidious about this plot.

1) The main villain (except he’s not a villain, so hints the movie), Thanos, is a quintessential globalist. This storyline is acclimating movie goers to submit to tyrants who think like him. There are plenty of them in the world. The globalist, formerly eugenic, formerly Malthusian agenda of depopulating the earth by the Elite is now on full display in the cinemas. We are encouraged to “understand the motives” of a Thomas Malthus or an Adolf Hitler like villain. They “mean well”. Yes, we need to be “governed” by a world dictator.

2) The secularist trend to “explain away” evil and “understand the motives” of evil characters, is boring to watch and toxic to the soul. Imagine if our children believed this stuff. What are we feeding our minds and theirs on? A person with any sense of justice should feel offended by a superhero movie with no sense of justice. I want leaders to defeat evil, not empathize with evil, put up with evil, or be defeated by evil. This is movie is lacking in heroes. Leaders who defeat evil are by definition “heroes”.

Fifth Element Stones

They have literally run out of plots. The moment the “infinity stones” were introduced, I thought this was the same “gamers plot” as The Fifth Element (1997) and Tomb Raider (2018). For some reason, stones have a lot of power and collecting stones release infinite power. No reason. No explanation is even needed. At least in Superman, I am told why a radioactive meteorite called “kryptonite” has a specific and debilitating effect on Superman, Zod and his villains. I cannot take another “stones are all-powerful” movie. It might as well be dolphins are all powerful.

Instead we get a hint that the tyrant may turn out to be the hero of the fourth Avengers installment. Thanos may be the only one to save the world. He has all the infinity stones. He has the motive to “save” the world by killing half the population. He has the “love”. We are shown this Nazi-like figure’s love for his adopted daughter when he struggled to kill Gamora. We are supposed to be mesmerized by his tears as he threw his daughter off a cliff to get one more stone, for the good of the universe, of course. The transition to blurring morality, blurring good and evil, I predict, will be complete by Avengers 4. How many movie goers will realize multi-million dollar movies are investments in their minds, their purchases, their votes?

Fake news poster. The scene that never happened in Avengers Infinity War

I still believe characters make a movie. I’d like to get to know a superhero like Iron Man, or Spiderman, or Black Panther, but in Avengers I never get a chance to enjoy any of them. Infinity War makes it worse: characters you love act “out of character”. Thor doesn’t have his hammer for most of the movie. Dr. Bruce Banner never turns into Hulk. Vision had nearly invincible powers in “The Age of Ultron,” but is pretty much comatose in this movie. Captain America doesn’t look like Captain America any more. His clean, wholesome “all American” look has been replaced by the beard which makes him, Bucky, Thor, and Quill (Starlord) all look nearly indistinguishable. Talk about “dating” a movie. It might pass for now, but wait a few years and their characters will look like funkadelics with bell bottom pants from the 70s.

I was not a fan of Avengers to begin with because I prefer watching one well developed character at a time. Throwing them all in the mix made the movie busy and shallow. Then they changed the characters. Then they make evil “alright” and good “questionable”. As the prophet Isaiah predicted, “Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; Who put darkness for light, and light for darkness…” (Isaiah 5:20 NKJ). If you want your children’s’ minds to be corrupt, this kind of thinking is a start.

If you want to be impressed by special effects, you might love it. For me a movie has to be rated on more than special effects. A movie is a message. There is no way this message qualifies as a 9 or 10. If it were not for the star cast and special effects, i would have rated this movie lower to a 4. It is a sign of where we’re heading. Evil to be crowned good by the people.

“Yes, the time is coming that whoever kills you will think that he offers God service.” (Jesus’ words recorded in John 16:2) Christians, teach your children the difference between dark and light, good and evil, hero and villain; superhero movies no longer do.

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