Honest Abe meet Honest Trump!

30 Reasons Donald Trump is the MOST HONEST President in American History

President Abraham Lincoln was nicknamed "Honest Abe". But now there may be a challenger. After less than 2 years of being President, Donald Trump is being labelled by The Washington Post Op-Ed columnist Marc...

Open Letter to President DONALD TRUMP: How to BREAK UP Google, Facebook, Twitter &...

Pastor Steve Cioccolanti writes an open letter to President Donald Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions on how to deal with bias and censorship. "Mr. President, if you listen to business and legal experts, they do not agree on how to break up Google and other Tech Giants. Some propose Anti-Trust lawsuits. Others propose that the government treats Big Tech companies as Publishers instead of neutral platforms." Here is a new proposal!
President Donald Trump inspects wall prototypes in California

Donald Trump Inspects Big Beautiful Wall – Christian Supporter Holds Up Sign

ACTS 13. Political promises do not indicate political behaviour. This is the case with most politicians, except Trump. The "big beautiful wall" he promised.... is going to be built. The President personally inspected them...

12 Facts About Roe v Wade & Norma McCorvey’s Death

How did America, a Christian nation, become a nation of baby killers? To many voters, abortion is just another social issue. The truth is, the darkest swamp that needs to be drained is government-funded abortion...

Proof Media Lies About Donald Trump | Exposed by Steve Cioccolanti

What are we to believe when powerful forces have nothing good to say about a person? They put cross-hairs on the head of the US President implying they approve what should be a crime:...

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