Steve Cioccolanti Church Service Prophecyvideo

Steve Cioccolanti Exposed – Epic Predictions Failed or Fulfilled?

BIOGRAPHY  Steve Cioccolanti, B.A., M.Ed., is a Christian author, a prolific teacher of God's Word and senior pastor of Discover Church in Australia. He has produced hundreds of DVDs and authored 5 books: From Buddha to Jesus (5...

DEAD Banker David Rockefeller, Lies Will Die, Evil Will Be Judged

US Banker and Billionaire David Rockefeller, the richest oldest man on the planet, has died on 20 March 2017, aged 101. 101 reads 11, the number of disorder and chaos, as explained in my book "The Divine Code".
Anne Graham Lotz Photo

Billy Graham’s Daughter Anne Graham Lotz Warns of America’s Final Judgment 2017-2024

Anne Graham Lotz urged people to pay attention to the Great American solar eclipses of 2017-2024, "Please view the following video posted by Australian pastor Steve Cioccolanti.  Pastor Steve articulates the warning in a very clear, undeniable, yet undogmatic way based on his understanding of Biblical truth." Pastor Steve acknowledged her blog on his own Facebook page, "What a distinct honour. This only confirms when the Lord wants to reach people He will use even a donkey like me."

Did Prophet Ken Peters See a Vision of the Tribulation 37 Years Ago?

A Startling Warning of Tribulation Prophetic Teacher Steve Cioccolanti promised to reveal "the most startling vision of Tribulation" he had ever seen in a 5 minute video entitled "REVELATION 12 Pointing to Jacob's TROUBLE &...
Lyn Leahz Interview Cioccolanti

WARNING God’s Judgment in 2017 by Lyn Leahz, Steve Cioccolanti & Marty Breeden |...

WARNING of God's Judgment in 2017 Year of Jubilee by Lyn Leahz, Steve Cioccolanti & Marty Breeden. 2017 is the Year of Revival and Year of Repentance. Only repentance can stay God's Judgment and usher in revival. God will drain the swamp before He makes church great again. The time is short. Are you ready?

“Sell in May and Go Away!” | Warning to Korea & Japan by Pastor...

Pastor Steve Cioccolanti issues a warning of possible nuclear incident in Seoul/ Sheol, Korea, based on Psalm 9 and the 1994 prophecies of Elder Paisios and Rabbi Nachmani.
Google Domination Info Control

Is Google Control a part of Global Deception? ~ Social Media Alert by Steve...

Google was founded by two Stanford classmates Larry Page and Sergey Brin in 1996 and became the world’s largest search engine in 2000. Google’s monopoly on information is near hegemonic. If you’re concerned about...

Censored by YouTube! Solutions to London Attack on 3/22 & Islamic Terror, by Steve...

Watch this Video that was censored by YouTube! This interview of Iben Thranholm by Steve Cioccolanti was not “politically correct” enough for Google to consider it “friendly” to general audiences. What was sensitive about it? Iben Thranholm stated that feminism...

7 Tests for Making a New Law on “Same Sex Marriage” (SSM)

Apply the 7 tests for making new laws to the genderless or gay marriage debate. Sir William Blackstone's "Commentaries on the Laws of England" have long been regarded as the definitive work on common law. To prevent any power-seeking group's opinion from becoming law, Blackstone recorded guidelines for deciding if a custom should become law. Let's apply these standards of law to the same sex marriage (SSM) debate. Parents, voters and Christians will see this debate in new light.

Wikileaks Vault 7 is Full of End-Time Secrets… Top 7 Implications

Real news reporters are uncovering the secrets contained in Wikileaks’ latest dump of CIA documents. Fake news is ignoring the story or shilling for the government... “Steve Cioccolanti” YouTube channel released a video titled “Wikileaks Vault 7 Full of End-Time Secrets”. Pastor Cioccolanti lined up what’s happening with Jesus’ words in Matthew 24:24 where Jesus predicted a deep state of deception in the last days...

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