Wikileaks Vault 7 is Full of End-Time Secrets… Top 7 Implications

Real news reporters are uncovering the secrets contained in Wikileaks’ latest dump of CIA documents. Fake news is ignoring the story or shilling for the government... “Steve Cioccolanti” YouTube channel released a video titled “Wikileaks Vault 7 Full of End-Time Secrets”. Pastor Cioccolanti lined up what’s happening with Jesus’ words in Matthew 24:24 where Jesus predicted a deep state of deception in the last days...
Steve Cioccolanti Church Service Prophecyvideo

Steve Cioccolanti Exposed – Epic Predictions Failed or Fulfilled?

BIOGRAPHY  Steve Cioccolanti, B.A., M.Ed., is a Christian author, a prolific teacher of God's Word and senior pastor of Discover Church in Australia. He has produced hundreds of DVDs and authored 5 books: From Buddha to Jesus (5...

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