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19 January 2018
Anne Graham Lotz Photo

Billy Graham’s Daughter Anne Graham Lotz Warns of America’s Final Judgment 2017-2024

Anne Graham Lotz urged people to pay attention to the Great American solar eclipses of 2017-2024, "Please view the following video posted by Australian pastor Steve Cioccolanti.  Pastor Steve articulates the warning in a very clear, undeniable, yet undogmatic way based on his understanding of Biblical truth." Pastor Steve acknowledged her blog on his own Facebook page, "What a distinct honour. This only confirms when the Lord wants to reach people He will use even a donkey like me."

“Sell in May and Go Away!” | Warning to Korea & Japan by Pastor...

Pastor Steve Cioccolanti issues a warning of possible nuclear incident in Seoul/ Sheol, Korea, based on Psalm 9 and the 1994 prophecies of Elder Paisios and Rabbi Nachmani.
Bill O'Reilly Receives Open Letter from Pastor Steve CIoccolanti

Open Letter to Bill O’Reilly from Pastor Steve Cioccolanti

The O’Reilly Factor show is off the air after the Rupert, James & Lachlan Murdoch fired him in an abrupt move on 19 April 2017. Christian Pastor Steve Cioccolanti offers Scriptures & "Tips of the Day" to Commentator Bill O'Reilly for his 21 years of journalism and public service on Fox News Channel.

44 Years of Marriage Over | Great Britain Divorces EU Today!

After 44 years of marriage, Great Britain has divorced the EU by formally triggering Article 50 on 30 March 2017. The prophetic patterns are striking.

Censored by YouTube! Solutions to London Attack on 3/22 & Islamic Terror, by Steve...

Watch this Video that was censored by YouTube! This interview of Iben Thranholm by Steve Cioccolanti was not “politically correct” enough for Google to consider it “friendly” to general audiences. What was sensitive about it? Iben Thranholm stated that feminism...

DEAD Banker David Rockefeller, Lies Will Die, Evil Will Be Judged

US Banker and Billionaire David Rockefeller, the richest oldest man on the planet, has died on 20 March 2017, aged 101. 101 reads 11, the number of disorder and chaos, as explained in my book "The Divine Code".

12 Facts About Roe v Wade & Norma McCorvey’s Death

How did America, a Christian nation, become a nation of baby killers? To many voters, abortion is just another social issue. The truth is, the darkest swamp that needs to be drained is government-funded abortion...

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