Censored by YouTube! Solutions to London Attack on 3/22 & Islamic Terror, by Steve Cioccolanti & Iben Thranholm

How Feminism & Democracy Have Failed to Stop Evil Ideology


Watch this Video that was censored by YouTube!

This interview of Iben Thranholm by Steve Cioccolanti was not “politically correct” enough for Google to consider it “friendly” to general audiences.

Steve Cioccolanti & Discover Ministries Censored by YouTube

What was sensitive about it?

Iben Thranholm stated that feminism is destroying Western civilization and democracy is too weak to defeat Islamic terrorism.

The two Christian commentators discussed solutions to the endless Islamic terrorist attacks, such as the ones that occurred at Paris Orly Airport on March 18 and London’s Westminster Bridge and Palace of Westminster on March 22. (3/22 is a favorite date of the secret society Skulls & Bones; on the same date one year earlier, in 2016, terrorists carried out a coordinated attack at Belgium Airport and Maalbeek Metro Station).

Democracy is not enough to stop these incessant acts of diabolical evil. Not even border control is enough to stop them. That’s what President Donald Trump and other conservative leaders are missing. Banning immigration is too little, too late. The waves of predominantly young, male Muslim migrants, plus the second generation immigrants, should be assimilated and integrated into Christian culture and imbibed with Christian values. Nothing short of revival can stand as the spiritual counterforce against the ideology of religious haters.

“It’s not enough to make new laws or forbid Sharia laws,” said Iben Thranholm, “you need to go against their ideology. So it’s a spiritual war, like I said. If you don’t tell them there’s something more important than Islamic faith, that is Jesus Christ and His message, you’re never going to defeat them.”

What has replaced Christianity in the West?

“The god of the left is the government,” said Steve Cioccolanti, “If you give up your faith in a personal, intelligent, just God, then all you have left is, you look to the government to save you, take care of you, give you handouts. This is an experiment that Russia has already gone through and I wish the Americans and the Europeans listening remember history. We’ve already gone through this. Communism failed. Socialism doesn’t work. It breeds tyranny. It breeds control.”

Iben Thranholm confirmed what Steve Cioccolanti said, “Here [in Denmark] the state has become god. The state has replaced god. So you count on the state for everything.”

Why is political power not enough? Why don’t political solutions work?

Iben Thranholm as a Catholic seems to have a clearer concept of the Biblical solution than many Protestant pastors who remain silent on this issue, “Evil is always spiritual in its nature. You cannot fight it with political tools or political means. It’s not possible. You need moral strength. You need to be able to distinguish between what is good and evil. But we have lost that moral compass because of relativism, because of materialism, because of secularism. Our politicians don’t know any more what is good or evil.”

What is the real solution?

“Christianity really does not need democracy,” said Ms. Thranholm, “since Christianity has been blossoming under all sorts of regimes, but actually democracy needs Christianity more than Christianity needs democracy.”

“God will intervene if people start to pray. We need prayer groups all around Europe.”

Comment on what do you think Europe needs to defeat terrorism and experience revival?

To become a prayer warrior, learn to pray Biblically: http://discover.org.au/pray.


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