Did Prophet Ken Peters See a Vision of the Tribulation 37 Years Ago?

Steve Cioccolanti Fact-Checks a Warning of Troubled Times Ahead. Was it a false prophecy or true news before it happens?


A Startling Warning of Tribulation

Prophetic Teacher Steve Cioccolanti promised to reveal “the most startling vision of Tribulation” he had ever seen in a 5 minute video entitled “REVELATION 12 Pointing to Jacob’s TROUBLE & IRAN | Vision of Tribulation“. This teaser was released on his main YouTube channel, then was followed up one week later by a video posted on his backup channel.

The 23 minutes titled “Did Ken Peters see the Future” did not disappoint the end time watchers community. It provided a synopsis of Ken Peters’s 2 hour teaching at Prophecy Club called “I Saw the Tribulation” delivered back in 1980. Pastor Cioccolanti takes advantage of the time that has passed – 37 years up to now – to verify whether Ken Peters’s vision is credible, what has and hasn’t been fulfilled, and to “freshen up” the vision in light of new understanding of the end times. The Bible is progressive revelation, and as we approach the time of the end, we can discern the “seals are being opened”.

How much time do we have left?

The timing for the Church to revisit this old vision seems prophetic.

Firstly, Ken Peters mentioned finding a Bible in his garage with the words “St. Francis” printed. The current 266th Pope, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, renamed himself “Pope Francis”. According to a prophecy by Irish Saint Malachy, the 112nd Catholic Pope counting from 1143AD would be the last pope before Armageddon. Pope Francis is not only the first Jesuit pope and the first pope from Latin America, he is also the 112nd pope since the prophecy. If the detail Ken Peters mentioned about his Bible was a clue, his vision may be fulfilled during the pontificate of Pope Francis.

Secondly, 38 years was the time Israel was allowed to wander in the desert. How long has the Body of Christ been allowed to figuratively wander since this vision was given? 37 years so far. If this vision is authentic, as Pastor Cioccolanti suggests, then we may well see the fulfillment of the vision by year 2018. If the rapture or resurrection were to occur by 2018, then the Church would have been given a 38 year warning!

Another possible way to interpret this warning is to count, not from the time the vision was received (1980), but from the time the vision was publicly disseminated (2005). That would give us more grace period to evangelize the world before the Tribulation starts. 2005 + 38 = 2043.

Assuming, as some prophecy teachers do, that the Time of Jacob’s Trouble (aka Tribulation) will last 7 years, then we could see the Second Coming half-way through the century. 2043 + 7 = 2050.

The above are not attempts to date-set, as no one knows for sure the day or the hour (Matthew 24:36), but an attempt to answer, “How long a warning does God give before He fulfills?” God fulfilled the promise to the Jews of going into their Promise Land 38 years after they first attempted to enter, but failed because of their own doubt. It is safe to say that many Christians doubted and disbelieved end-time visions back in 1980, and even in 2005, but many believers are waking up as we hear the footsteps of Messiah approaching near!

You can find Pastor Cioccolanti’s full one-hour teaching here: 1980 PROPHETIC VISION AWAKENED: MASSIVE WARNING ABOUT THE TRIBULATION

His ministry website is http://www.Discover.org.au


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