Serena William’s Shameless Name-Calling | How “Racist” & “Sexist” Became Labels for Losers


Which cartoon caricature is racist and sexist – Serena Williams or Condoleeza Rice?

When the Left cry “racist” and “sexist” it’s become a political stunt. What a shame for people undergoing real racism and sexism.

“Social justice” activists express little outrage over real gender discrimination of women in Saudi Arabia or racial persecution of white farmers in South Africa. This is hypocrisy.

Serena William‘s cry that she lost the US Open due to racism and sexism is more than a personal outburst, it’s symbolic of a way of thinking. The labels “racist” and “sexist” now signal that left-wingers have lost, they have no argument left, so the only thing left to do is name-calling. Serena Williams is a prominent reminder to the rest of us that these labels are no longer being used rationally, but politically.

Look at the hypocrisy of the Left when they criticized Australian Mark Knight’s cartoon of Serena Williams as “racist”, yet they expressed no outrage over countless caricatures of Condoleeza Rice drawn by Martin Rowson, Ted Rall, Bob Horare, etc. Ted Rall called the then-Secretary of State “Bush’s house nigga.” Where was the outrage over such overt racism?

Compare the contexts: Serena lost and acted up. She deserved to be made fun of, not because of her gender or skin color, but because she showed poor sportsmanship. Did Rice lose? Did she ever throw a public tantrum? On the contrary, she is black woman who was promoted to high ranks in a conservative government, and that was simply intolerable to the Left.

When a Leftist cries “you’re a racist” or “you’re a sexist”, be assured that the fellow they’re attacking has a better argument, or a better meme or a better cartoon. If these labels were rational, then they would apply in defense of conservative blacks like Dr. Ben Carson and conservative women like Condoleeza Rice, yet both are vilified by the left-leaning mainstream media.

When political power matters more than anything, real racism is ignored and true sexism is swept under the carpet (especially when it’s against a man). Dirty politics will bury any truth and crush any victim.

Does anyone believe Serena Williams’ loss to a 20-year-old half-back, half-Japanese tennis player who’s already defeated her before is the result of sexism or racism? Serious name calling is now a ploy. And a distraction from the genuine winner: Naomi Osaka!

Congratulations on becoming the first Japanese citizen to win a Grand Slam singles tournament, and for reaching a world ranking of No. 7.


Steve Cioccolanti is not a white person and has no white privilege. You will have to use logic, reason and civility to communicate with him, as race-baiting and name-calling won’t work.

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  1. Right on, Steve! Serena didn’t like the outcome of losing, so she resorted to a meltdown. It seems that this kind of coping mechanism I.e. name-calling or arguing with logical fallacies (sexism or racism) will continue by the regressive liberals.

  2. Right on Steve!
    Instead of accepting that she lost the match, Serena had a meltdown. It seems that the this kind of behaviour will continue by the regressive liberals. It is their coping mechanism that condones having a meltdown in public and arguing with logical fallacies by alluding to sexism and racism.

  3. It’s a rather clever tactic. If the Left is found to be racist they call you a racist. If they are exposed as sexist, they call you sexist. Here is why it is clever: the accusation stuns you into confused silence. It is this pause that the left are quick to jump on and declare ‘your silence confirms it!’

    Thank God that he is exposing more and more each day!


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